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  • Huizhou City Ming Rui Precision Tools Co., Ltd

    Carbide blade professional producer

    Huizhou Mingrui Precision Tools Co. the attention Aluminum Alloy, steel, cast iron and other materials for cutting blade, NC indexable carbide inserts, super hard coating for high temperature tungsten steel cutting tools, precision parts metal ceramic tool manufacturing factory. Our production of hard alloy and metal ceramic tool products, widely used in ...

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    Aluminum alloy processing blade

    Ming Rui knife with high hardness, wear resistance, strength and toughness is good, heat, corrosion and a series of excellent performance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance, even at 500 ℃ temperature is basically the same.

    Metal ceramic cutting tools

    (3) good chemical stability; (4) heat resistance, good wear resistance. (2) with the workpiece material affinity is low, not easy to produce BUE;

    Small parts processing tool

    A sharp tool solution for internal turning, grooving and thread cutting (including a small turning tool with a minimum machining diameter of 1mm) enables high-performance machining of small holes, delicate form parts and small parts.


    Do high-quality cutting tools, to participate in global competition, a "national brand"


    Cutting tools, cutting solutions


    Research materials to use, explore cutting solutions to make cutting more light, help "Made in China"

    Guangdong Province, Huizhou City, North Jinlong Avenue 51, the original abundance of industrial park A2 area



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